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Creation and Restoration

The A.N.T. (Atelier Nacional de Tapices) is a workshop of creation and restoration: Tapestries, heraldic coat of arms, official seals, wall covering ornamented, material of protocol and logos; we also have a great background in designing monumental salles.

Our pieces of art are elaborated following the old tradition of the Middle Ages completely handmade, bringing together the work of many generations and a qualified technique, continues the medieval manufacture tradition and the treatment of the noble materials. The whole of our work guarantees the technical accuracy and the rules of modern restoration, creating an investment value due to its lasting quality.

It joints the artisanal tradition with scientific rigour to guarantee the carrying out of every original step of the ancient technique. Precise observance of the laws of arts and the tradition of heraldry (H.P. and P.). Color and tincture in accordance with the international chromatic scale (CIELAB). Design according to the rules given out by the heraldry and simbology council advisor of Aragon Government and the emblematics professorchip “Barón de Valdeolivos” belonging to “Fernando el Católico” Institution in Spain.

We send our work worldwide, above all to the western countries with great tradition in this kind of art. We add in our webpage a few examples of recent works, some are monumental armorials of big proportions whose destiny is hanging on the walls of government palaces, universities, etc. The others are private clients from western countries, embassies, consulates, professional colleges, etc.

It is quite difficult to see the real effect over the observer watching a simple photography. We want to point out that the textile colors and textures are especifics and characteristics with respect to other artistic materials and thus very difficult to asimilate to other plastic supports, like photography, etc.